Humber Seniors Curling Club

Club Structure


All members are rated as a lead, second, vice or skip. Members choose what time slots they wish to curl in. For in house club curling, names are drawn to make up teams with one player from each of the ratings. We call these "rated teams." Over time, this is a great way to get to know everyone and is the foundation of our friendly atmosphere.

The Club Curling Season
The season is divided into three Series.
Fall Series - Oct to Dec
Winter Series* - Dec to Feb
Spring Series* - Feb to Apr

* Teams are made up a week before these Series start.

Choices (see the chart below)
Club Curling (buff) - In each of the Fall, Winter and Spring Series, members can choose to play one or more of the 3 draws available ( Mon 9:30 am,  Wed 9:30 am, and Fri 9:30 am). Rated teams are formed from those choosing to play and they play each week. For the Winter and Spring Series, sign up sheets will be available online a few weeks before they start.

Mens Inter Club Curling (brown) - Inter Club curling is held at the host clubs named in the chart below. Humber sends from 1 to 4 teams and they play each week against teams from other local clubs.  It is very popular. Each week, there are two hosts on Monday (Flower Town and Mississauga (suspended 2020)) ( and two on Wednesday (Dixie
(suspended 2020) and Mississauga(available for men only 2020)) and one on Friday (West End Seniors playing at a different club each week(suspended 2020)). This makes 5 Inter Club activities going on each week. Members can choose, for the whole season, to participate in as many of the five inter club activities as they wish.

In September, a schedule is created for each host site for the whole year stating when each member will play. Typically members will play about every two to four weeks or so for any given host site. For example: if one of your choices was Dixie on Wednesday, then in September your name will be on a rated team that will play at Dixie about every three weeks through the whole season. 

Lastly, players pay between ($4 to $5) each at each interclub game and prizes of steak or chicken are given to the top 2 winning and losing teams. 
    Mon Wed Fri
Club Curling 1st Draw  Mon 9:30 am
Wed 9:30 am
Fri 9:30  

Inter Club Curling   Flowertown at Chinguacousy at 10 AM  & 12:30 PM.
(Suspended 2020)

Also Mississauga at 1PM.
Dixie at 12:30 PM
(Suspended 2020)

and also Mississauga           at 1 PM.
"West End Seniors"
at 1 PM, played at: Mississauga,  and High Park on a rotating basis.
(Suspended 2020)


Tag Curling
Often there are a few sheets left open during morning Club Curling times and members can show up and put their name tag on the board and teams are made up on the spot for a game. Members can also practice if a sheet is open.

Due to appointments, vacations and other reasons, members are always asking for others to substitute for them for an upcoming game. One can curl a lot by making it known that you are available.

Do you get the idea of all this? There is no shortage of opportunities to curl, meet different people, see different clubs and generally have a lot of fun. Have a look at the Bonspiels page for further opportunities to curl.