Humber Seniors Curling Club



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New Members
We welcome men and women(as of 2019), 50's or older, who are available to curl during the weekday mornings and afternoons from mid October to early April.  Please contact membership@humberseniorscurling.ca for membership enquires!

Obviously it is best if new members join before the season starts in order to enjoy the full season. However we are happy to have new members join during the season at a prorated rate. For those wishing to join during the season it can be arranged for them to come out and give it a try.

Orientation Day
In early October each year, we hold a free Orientation Day for those considering becoming a member. Contact us to make arrangements using our email - see the "Contact Us" page.

New members are given a grace period of one month to see if they like curling with the club. If they wish to quit, their fee minus $100 will be refunded.

New members start at lead position. All curlers are rated three times a year and curlers move up as their skill and interest warrants.

Never curled before?
Some of you may have never thrown a rock or haven't curled for 30 years. No problem. We offer lessons on open sheets during our morning club curling times.

Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling.

The rules allow senior curlers to use a stick to deliver the rock. This is a great help for those who are too stiff to crouch down in the hack for a traditional delivery. Again, we give lessons for "stick curlers". About 20% of our members use the stick.

Basic curling information from CurlingBasics.com.

  Mississaugua Golf and CC. and all the other clubs have a dress code that excludes jeans, sweat pants, T shirts, etc.

Shoes are important. Curling shoes have one shoe that grips and the other shoe has a teflon slider on the sole. A removable gripper is used to slip over the slider for walking on the ice. The cheapest method is to buy a slip on slider to go over a running shoe.
Stick curlers often do not use a slider shoe so can buy flat soled running shoes.

Curling stores also sell curling brooms and stretchy pants that are well designed for curling.

Beyond that, a pair of gloves and a fleece sweater and you are ready to go. Each year, if there is interest from about 10 members, an order is put in for a blue/black and white Humber Curling jacket.